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The Awaiting Eyes Foundation is a UK based registered child welfare charity
working with orphans in Pakistan, founded in response to the earthquake
that devastated the Bagh region of Pakistan on October 8th 2005.

Awaiting Eyes Foundation is currently offering internships and working
placements for the right candidate. Working with us, you will
gain experience in a range of job roles and will have an opportunity to
develop professionally and as an individual.

We are offering opportunities in the following depanments:
- Human Resources
- Accounting
- Fundraising
- Business Development
- Legal and Research
- Marketing/Publio Relations/Media
- information Technology/Graphic Design
-Administrative and Data Entry/Clerical

We are an equal opportunity service provider and we aspire to train,
develop  and retain our staff through ongoing professional development. We
offer full training and excellent references.

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Más información en: http://awaitingeyesfoundation.com

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