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teacher assistant at primary school




Zrínyi Ilona School is a large primary school with a good reputation. We would gladly accept a student teacher assistant from any European country, who speaks English fluently.

• cooperation with teachers of foreign languages both in lessons and after-
school activities
• improving communication skills of the children either as part of the
lesson or after-school activities
• taking part in leisure activities organised by our school (sports,
artistic clubs, school choir, trips are available)
• playing language games, singing, role playing in the junior section
• communication activities in the senior section
• introducing his/her culture, cultural background

Fluent English and / or German , sociable, lively character,
good communication skills, get on well with primary school students.
AND at least one of these points is true for you:
• I have experience in playing or teaching table tennis and/or volleyball /
basketball / floorball
• I am interested in central European culture and/or history
• I have experience or I am interested in handcrafts in lessons and afternoon activities. (Please indicate which of these techiniques you are familiar with: cooking, sewing, drawing, paper mache, pottery, enamel, origami, woodwork or any other activities.)
• I am willing to accompany teachers on study trips
• I am willing to try and improve the language skills of the staff
• I can play a musical instrument in lessons and/or afternoon activities
• I am willing to lead or help other free time activities

About 6 hours of working per day. Duration: 5-10 months.


Se ofrece:

We can assist with finding accommodation.
Free lunch in the canteen of the school.

Más información en:

Enviar CV:

Person to apply: Ágnes Farkas, leading teacher, zrinyikmet@gmail.com

Candidates should email Ágnes Farkas with a CV and Motivation letter and a
„Police Clearance”. What kind of activities have you done? For how long?
What age group? Any certification of the above mentioned activities.Please
attach one copy. Which age group would you prefer to teach? Please
underline! More than one is acceptable.
age 7-8
age 9-10
age 11-12
age 13-14

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