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Oferta de prácticas Erasmus:


Support office programming.




Oral and written languageFluency in English is required; Polish is a plus.


Field of studyPreferably an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in

International Relations, International Development, Regional Studies,


Computer skillsProficiency with Microsoft Office.

Other? Excelle nt analytical, writing skills, previous research experience is a  


? Excellent written and oral communications skills;  

? Comfortable multi-tasking, and working independently and as part

of a team;

? Interest in the programs and prioriti es of the German Marshall  


? Strong interest in transatlantic policy issues;  

? Previous experience in a think tank, foundation, NGO, government

body, media outlet, or similar organization will be an advantage;

? Good interpersonal skills and ability to work in a multicultural


? EU citizenship.

Se ofrece:

2-3 months with a commitment of at least 35 hours per week during

the standard hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). In case there are two interns hired at the same time a

commitment of app. 20-25 hours per week during the standard hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm) would

be expected. One of the following application seasons:  

a. Summer – June, July,

b. Fall – September, October, November,  

c. Winter – December, January, February,  

d. Spring – March, April, May.

Más información en: www.gmfus.org

Enviar CV:


Ewa B?awdziewicz: eblawdziewicz@gmfus.org

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