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Project Design




- Completed basic studies in technical subjects, as for instance: Energy-, facility- and environmental engineering or process engineering for chemical plant construction.

- Good knowledge of German and English.

- Assertiveness, commitment and creativity.

- An independent, diligent, well-organized and team-oriented performance as well as a strong desire to succeed.

Se ofrece:

- Insight into the processes and challenges of a Saxon SME.

- Working with an experienced and innovative team in a relaxed atmosphere.

- Challenging development tasks as well as plenty of room for your ideas.

- Colleagues who will always assist you with your learning.

- Provision of accommodation during your 3 to 6 months stay with us.

- Job opportunity and award in case of success with your task.


- 3D Execution planning of the modules on the basis of the project design.

- Calculation of the dimensions of the system components (e.g. pumps, pipes, controls and instruments, fixtures, electronic wirings etc.) in order to meet the needs of the system.

- Computer-aided engineering and design of the modules.

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Enviar CV:

Send your CV and a cover letter (if applicable: references, letter/s of recommendation, etc.) to ku.kirpal@ket.de

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