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Professional museum training




The Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik would like to notify you that we are currently offering professional museum training for college, graduate and postgraduate students interested in pursuing museum career or in fields related to the visual arts. 

As one of the first cultural institutions in Croatia to participate in the Erasmus programme, we would like to give your students the opportunity to choose our institution for their internship period during the spring, summer or autumn period. 

Our programme aims to offer work-based learning opportunities to support career development and to increment opportunities for working in the arts sector. Aware of the importance of having practical experience, we offer students the chance to work close to the museum staff, so interns can participate in the work of the Curatorial, Education, Media, Research and Design Department. 

The objective is to give them practical museum training experience where interns assist professional staff, provide administrative support, produce content and assist in management of social media channels, help organize activities at the museum and learn more about the modern and contemporary Croatian and European Art. 

As a cultural institution founded with the intention that it should collect, study and exhibit artistic material of Modern and Contemporary art, the Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik has to date managed to assemble, through gifts and purchases, a valuable collection of 3,000 artworks. Students will also learn about our collections, and organizational systems, at the same time they learn practical training in the museum work.

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To obtain more information about how to apply our internship program: http://ugdubrovnik.hr/en/index.php?file=news

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