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The digital library website is in essence a portal that in the future will store a considerable amount of CHS's data. Based on the engine used to build the website, a system will have to be developed,  as an extension of the current portal, that will list all the past and future lectures held by the CHS, including videos, transcripts, and other information. Thus the creation of a lecture history catalog is required. The catalog will include filmed lectures, interviews and various events. Experience gained: working with portals, PHP, CMS system, developing complex data, and handling of web-based applications.

Internship description:
-Creation of a lecture  video history system/catalog
-Creation of a YouTube CHS channel
-Organization of CHS DL website
-Improvement and support of the CHS Digital Library user database
-Creation of demonstrative videos for the CHS GR Digital Library, and addition of radio stations
-Addition of more links to Harvard libraries and online resources on the DL homepage
-Contribution to the CHS printed library catalog on the DL homepage
-Connection of the CHS Lecture Hall with the Digital Library terminals
-Documentation of the CHS internal IT operations
-Cleanup the surveillance video database
-Sorting of the CHS video material
-Organization of cables at the CHS Digital Library and categorization of hardware at the Center
-Development of an auto backup system


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Más información en: http://greece.chs.harvard.edu

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