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IT Internship




Se ofrece:


- Creation of a lecture video history system/catalog.

- Creation of a YouTube CHS channel.

- Organization of CHS DL website.

- Improvement and support of the CHS Digital Library user database.

- Creation of demonstrative videos for the CHS GR Digital Library, and addition of radio stations.

- Addition of more links to Harvard libraries and online resources on the DL homepage.

- Contribution to the CHS printed library catalog on the DL homepage.

- Connection of the CHS Lecture Hall with the Digital Library terminals.

- Documentation of the CHS internal IT operations.

- Cleanup the surveillance video database.

- Sorting of the CHS video material.

- Organization of cables at the CHS Digital Library and categorization of hardware at the Center.

- Development of an auto backup system.

Más información en: http://greece.chs.harvard.edu

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Contact email: chsnafplion@chs.harvard.edu

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