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Oferta de prácticas Erasmus:


International, multi -cultural research




Eligibility and requirements

? Applicants will be students enrolled in a study programme that will give credit for the time  

spent at CROP

? Candidates must have a relev  ant educational background as well as good verbal and written

knowledge of English; knowledge of other languages is an advantage.

Se ofrece:

Internships can be arranged throughout the year; the length of an internship may vary from a

minimum of one month to a maximum of six months.

Internships are unpaid; however, interns are reimbursed for monthly local transportation within

Bergen. Interns are required to have health insurance and are responsible for arranging their own

visa and housing.

Enviar CV:

Applicants are invited to send a letter of motivation and a full CV (both in English), to the CROP

Secretariat (crop@uib.no)

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