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Oferta de prácticas Erasmus:


Intern Software Development




› Studies of computer science, media IT or similar training or skills;

› an interest in web development using PHP, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript and AJAX;

› ideally experience using PHP-Zend, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX as well as in (X)HTML, CSS, HTML5 and cross-browser-development;

› knowledge of OOP and software-design-patterns;

› assertiveness, commitment and creativity;

› proven passion about the Internet and its under-lying technologies;

› fluent English;

› an independent, diligent, well-organized and team-oriented performance as well as

› a strong desire to succeed.

Se ofrece:

Insight into the processes and challenges of a start-up during its seed-phase. You will be expe-riencing and accompanying some of our products going live firsthand!

› Challenging development tasks as well as plenty of room for your sparks.

› A team enthusiastic about the outdoors and tour-ism.

› Seasoned colleagues who will always assist you with your learning.

› If you desire: work outside – viewing the river as can be seen on the previous page.

› 400 €/months on top of your EU-grant.

› Agile software development incl. unit-testing, continuous integration and bug-tracking;

› the opportunity to write your final thesis with us;

› an unforgettable time in the beautiful city of Leipzig – the famous publishing capital of Ger-many and place where the reunification started

Más información en: http://www.absolut-gps.com/

Enviar CV:

› cover-letter;

› CV;

› official transcript from your university’s regis-trar showing all your courses and grades;

› samples;

› if applicable: references, letter/s of recom-mendation etc.

› application via e-mail to career@absolut-gps.com (please include the documents mentioned on the left!);

› confirmation of receipt;

› if applicable: interview on Skype or on the phone;

› fast response.

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