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Oferta de prácticas Erasmus:


Foreign Languages (English would be preferable; then French and Spanish)




Languages and level of competence required

ENGLISH: If the assistant is an English mother tongue speaker (Ireland – UK) would be higly appreciated. However, assistants coming from Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Spain would be welcomed as long as their LEVEL OF COMPETENCE IN ENGLISH IS C2 of the European Framework.




Computer skills and level of skills required

Basic IT skills are necessary

Se ofrece:

Start Date

SCHOOL YEAR (from September 2014 to June 2015)


SCHOOL YEAR (9 months)

Working hours per week

14/18 including 1 hour weekly planning

Enviar CV:

Applicants will email their CVs and  application letters to the school; reference letters, though not necessary, will be appreciated.

Claudio Giovanni Bruzzone – claudio.bruzzone@libero.it

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