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Oferta de prácticas Erasmus:


Executive Assistant


Utrecht (The Netherlands)



Do you want the Earth a better place?

Do you want to live in an equal society? Are you a team worker and a positive person?

Then, you are what we are looking for!

OFoundation is a social enterprise that aims to render Earth a place where everyone has the opportunity to show their skills.

The internship is for the position of the Executive Assistant.

It starts at the first of January 2018 and for six months!

You will work at Utrecht, one of the most significant cities in the Netherlands, due to its higher-education institutions and its

geographical position.


Work Force:

The Executive is responsible for three companies and 14 employees. The job of an intern is to help the executive in work that can be delegated.

Basic Tasks in the following:




Administrative work


Visiting events


Making minutes of meetings


Research on relevant topics


Updating content online, website, social media


Graphic Design


Working Office:

We are working on home-based offices with everyone in the company. We have three people in the Philippines, two in China and nine in Netherlands working in the same way.


The Clinique is only for Psychologists. You will work in our home based office in Utrecht, where 2 other employees also work.


Se ofrece:


With us you can improve qualities like:


Results driven

Dealing with complex challenges


Positive mindset

Business orientation

Más información en: http://ofoundation.nl/

Enviar CV:


Send CV and Cover letter to info@ofoundation.nl

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