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1. A professional and excellent online, on site and telephone support attendance, to all TRAVISUM customers.

2. A fast, efficient and perfectionist translation service of official documents, texts, brochures, clients promotional materials for export markets, websites, administrative and academic documents, and completion of all kind of forms provided and required by consulates and embassies.

3. Supervise customer’s visa and legalization application process from the receipt of documents through successful lodging, including the handling of lodging rejects. Serve as the voice of TRAVISUM to the client regarding any post-lodging communications. Review order forms, request and ensure that the necessary documents are obtained from traveller and submitted to the relevant Consulate or Embassy in order to ensure that the Required By date is met.

4. Assist clients on visa processing challenges, creating and implementing solutions to overcome possible inconveniences.

5. A teamwork and coordination job with all other members of TRAVISUM.

TRAVISUM works and offers services on following languages: French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Se ofrece:

Más información en: http://www.travisum.com/?lang=es

Enviar CV:

letter and your CV in English and French at info@travisum.com.

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