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Education, Training and Development Manager


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Concordia (YSV) Ltd is looking for an intern.

Growing fruit or vegetables and harvest of crops.Concordia will place students at the business of one of its Consortia member’s farms within the UK. Placements are appropriate for students studying;
Agriculture and related subjects
Natural sciences
Environmental sciences
International relations

Most employers within the Consortia have students from many countries working during harvest . There is good opportunity to mix with young people from different cultures and with a variety of languages.
Minimum 3 months . maximum 12 months.
Placements could be flexible and spread over two academic years .
Hours per week: usually 39 hours but could vary according to the season and weather conditions for harvesting.

Se ofrece:

Accommodation will be provided   on the employers premises. This is usually in the form of a communal camp of mobile homes or similar. This style of accommodation lends itself to excellent social living with barbecues and parties as well as cultural events.Students to be paid for work done as employees. Currently £5.81 per hour.   Accommodation provided on farm at maximum £33 per week.  Students have to pay for their own food and  allow for costs  of some services such as additional  electricity and gas as well as transport. Net pay after deduction of accommodation charge and national insurance  is in excess of £160 per week. Students will be able to earn up to £6475 per year  before they pay Income tax. Students self cater and buy their own food. Details about the work placement are given in a fact sheet about amenities and terms and conditions. This is  sent to students by e-mail prior to arrival.  A training Agreement will be drawn up.

Concordia will carry out a full check on each employer to ensure that terms and conditions of work meet legislative requirements. Employer liability insurance and public liability insurance is checked. Risk assessments for work and accommodation are in place.
A  DVD on working safely in horticulture in the UK is supplied to each student prior to their arrival. The DVD is in a number of EU languages.
A full induction is given by the employer . This is followed up by a health and safety questionnaire to make sure students have understood their induction.

Students will be given a job description and a statement of their terms and conditions of employment.

The Concordia  Field officer or Education Manager will visit the work place to provide support and check progress. Visits from the sending University or College will be arranged and hosted by Concordia. 

Concordia will appoint a mentor for each student. This is done in consultation with the employer and will normally be a more experienced member of staff of that employer.  A training plan will be drawn up for each student and monitored by the mentor and by Concordia.

The mentor will also help integration in the host environment and assist in supporting cultural and social activity.  Students will be provided with a one day seminar on environmental awareness during their stay. Cultural visits are made as part of the programme. 

At the end of the work placement a record of achievement will be given  to each student which will assess the progress of the student in work skills and interpersonal development.  A copy of this record of achievement is given to the student and to the Home University or College.

Students will be granted Concordia membership scheme which includes annual personal insurance.  Membership also gives access to a number of other services such as;
Translation service
Telephone support line
Discounts on entrance fees to places of interest and  listed products
Access to student web site
Free SIM card

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