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Prague, Czech Republic



To become an intern you need to have a good knowledge of English for general communication (with locals and us ), a positive approach towards life, and it can be a big bonus if you have a good knowledge of any of these languages:

 Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian (or other languages that are not mentioned here).

Why knowing another language is a big bonus? If you cannot teach English or do not want to, you can teach another language instead! Do not worry if you have never taught someone before! This internship gives an opportunity to everyone who wants to teach!

If you are not a language teacher/not studying a language as your major but you are a teacher, we can also find you an internship! J

Why is it a great idea to have an internship abroad?

Firstly, any internship is a good experience and a great investment in your future career. Secondly, having it abroad means: broadening your horizons, meeting new people, finding out about different culture and discovering something new about yourself!

Why Prague?

Prague is not only a beautiful place to visit but is also a good place where to have your internship! A few reasons for choosing Prague as your destination:

-        Even though the city is quite big, it has great public transport connections (and honestly speaking the prices for the transport are cheap!)

-        As it is located in the heart of Europe, you will have a chance to travel to nearest countries such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and to other countries!

-        Prague itself is great for sightseeing and for meeting people from different countries!

-        The living costs are not that high as in other EU capitals.


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Enviar CV:


How to apply?

1)      You need to fill in the application here -> http://www.educa-jazykova-skola.eu/en/jak-na-to/ 

2)      You send the CV to educalanguages@seznam.cz

3)      You have an interview with the project coordinator via Skype.

4)      After completing all the mentioned steps above and the approval of your candidacy, you start preparing the documents for the Erasmus internship.

If you have any questions, write me to internship.educa@gmail.com  I will definitely try to answer them all!


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