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Oferta de prácticas Erasmus:


Assistant in Water and Health Lab





6-9 months

Start date -- IMMEDIATELY

Working Hours

40 hours/week

Project Description

Erasmus Interns at the Water and Health Lab should be:

·         Willing to work in both laboratory and field settings

·         Competent in lab analyses of organic chemicals, OR in the statistical analyses of epidemiological data

·         Willing to apply metabolomics protocols

·         Interested in the research of endocrine disruptors on human health

Se ofrece:


Fluency in English (both oral and written)

Applicants should possess, or currently pursue either a Master’s of Science or PhD degree in the areas of Analytical Organic Chemistry, Epidemiology, Biostatistics or Environmental Chemistry or another relevant field.

Más información en: www.cut.ac.cy/waterandhealth

Enviar CV:

Please send an email to konstantinos.makris@cut.ac.cy 

  1. A research statement (2 pages max) concisely describing your research interests, and why you want to specifically apply for placement in our laboratory team. This letter weighs a lot towards the evaluation of an applicant’s package.
  2. Detailed curriculum vitae

We accept applications throughout the year. We will respond to your application within a week from the date of receipt.

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